We are mermaids in constant transformation - strengthening our heart our mind & our body. And, just like Mermaids - we are more than anyone SEAs.


Mermaids are mysterious and kind of badass...and we think they are a great depiction of our lives. In Greek mythology, Sirens (a type of Mermaid) have beautiful voices that are hard to avoid. They would lure sailors with their melodies (aka distract them) and lead them to craggy shores where the boats would crash and reveal all the riches to be plundered. 


Sounds a little dramatic, no? 


Being human is kind of dramatic. It's easy to get distracted by the voices around us and within us, that lead us astray. Whether it's what we read, what music we listen to, what we watch on social media or streaming...those voices really do shape who we are and how we see ourselves. The voices within us also shape who we are, how we show up in the world and how we either run to chase our dreams and goals in life or shrink back out of fear, shame, or confusion.


In our world, we believe there are two strong voices around us and within us. Mermaid is our strong inner champion voice, she is the voice that wants the best for us and is cheering for us even when we fail, or get hurt, or take the wrong path. Our inner Mermaid voice is steady, not flashy and always ready to remind us of what is true about who we are regardless of the circumstances around us. 


Siren, on the other hand, is our inner critic, working her very bust hustle to keep us distracted and small. Just like our Mermaid voice of strength is quick to cheer for us and encourage us, Siren is FAST to remind us of all that we have done wrong in life or how we have failed or been failed by others. Siren works like a mother to keep us from doing really cool hard/new things and it's a life long practice to learn to quiet her down so we can hear our Mermaid voice of truth. 


It can be frustrating to think it's a life long practice OR we can see it as freedom to know that we are all swimming in this great big ocean of life and waves come and go...how we show up, how we love others, how we love ourselves is constantly transforming as we learn to silence Siren's voice of shame and rise up with our inner Mermaid strength. 


As we begin to learn how to tell the difference between Siren and Mermaid - we can do the same for others. We are more likely and able to acknowledge that ALL of us are so much more than what we see on the surface.


It's so freeing and completely transformative when we can KNOW that while we might not know the details (it's below the everyday surface) we can know that we are ALL trying our very best. We all (because we are human, and still living) fail, we succeed, we have dreams, we have goals, we have hopes, we have sorrows, we have regret, we have HOPE and we are all longing to live life fully - bravely - ready for all that is ahead. We are ALL much more than anyone SEAS.